Marketing & Comunication's Ministry

The main function of the Marketing and Communication Ministry of St Monnicas is to assist the church to achieve its vision of becoming loving, vibrant and holistically growing. The key focus of the Ministry therefore is to showcase the vibrancy of the church and also design activities that will assist in the growth of the church.

Activities of this Ministry includes the following:

Church newsletter

The Ministry produces 3 newsletters each year. While the newsletter content is written and edited by the members of the Ministry, the design and printing is outsourced to a printing house at a cost.

The Ministry tries to get church members to advertise their companies and businesses on the newsletter in order to reduce the reliance on church funds for the production of the newsletter.

The newsletter is a very popular tool and it reports on all activities of the church.

Banners/ Brochures


The Ministry is responsible for designing and printing the following for the the church:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Signage

These are printed on a needs basis and for the church and  sometimes for other Ministries activities.


Based on availability of budget, the Ministry sometimes utilizes mediums such as the local radio and community newspaper to advertise the church and its activities.


The Ministry is responsible for the updating of the website.

Redesign of Pew leaflet and developing a welcome pack for new members

In partnership with Life Enrichment Ministry, the Marketing and Communication Ministry should regularly review the Pew Leaflet and ensure that this is a Welcome Pack for new members.


Members of the Marketing and Communication Ministry are volunteers. Led by a Ministry leader, who forms part of the Council, this Ministry meets regularly to plan its activities and to monitor the implementation of its activities. The Ministry receives some support from the office of the Rector in executing its activities.