About Us

Gods vocation for our parish as outlined in our vision and mission statements:

Our shared vision is:

To be a loving, vibrant, holistically growing community of Christs disciples.


St Paul in his letter to the Galatian community is cautioning the community against the tendency of biting and devouring one another and thus warns that if this continues they should be careful that they do not consume one another. He calls them not to become conceited, competing against, and envying one another.

He informs them that the greatest law is calling them to love their neighbour as they love themselves and thus calls them through love to become slaves to one another. (5 vs. 13-15, 26)

Jesus conquers with Paul in Johns gospel as he calls the disciples and those present to abide by his new commandment that they love one another as he has loved them and by this all will know that they are truly his disciples. Furthermore, Jesus and Peters encounter elucidates the core meaning of Christs understanding of the notion of love. He asks Peter three times whether he loves him and each time Peter responds with a yes he gets given a duty to perform. He is called twice to feed Jesus sheep and once to tend them. Jesus is very clear that love has to move from the heart and be expressed through various practical acts. (John 13 vs. 34-35; 21 vs. 15-17)

Grounded on the principle of love above all else. This means our mission and ministry shall be guided by love and thus we shall strive to express it through our sayings and doings to all Gods children irrespective of their race, gender, age, socio-economic background and sexual orientation.

This means that all those we encounter whether here in church or elsewhere would feel and experience Gods love expressed by each one of us in various practical ways and means. However we cannot share something we dont have. Thus it is vital that we receive and feel Gods transformative love in our lives first so as to impart it to others. 

We are called by God to become a community governed by kindness, gentleness, peace, patience, respect, and caring.


Jesus in Johns gospel clearly outlines that his mission and ministry is about bringing abundant life to all Gods children (10 vs. 10). Luke tells the account of the multitudes of the Jesus disciples praising God joyfully with loud voices for all the deeds of power they had seen and witnessed (19 vs. 37).

 In essence we are called to become a community that is full of life and energy and is joyously excited about Christ. This is a community full of joy, peace and happiness in the mist of the challenges and mountains of life. Thus this is expressed through our daily lives and devotion of God.

This is a community that resembles the exciting and joyous nature of Christ imparted to his church. And thus fellowship among members is of great important.


Holistically Growing

St Paul writing to the Ephesians speaks of the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry and for building up of the body of Christ until all have come to maturity and the measure of the full stature of Christ.  Also he speaks about growing up in every way into Christ. (4 vs. 12-13)

Christ intends that we should become a growing community not only in numbers but also in the knowledge of God and life in general. Thus we are called to ensuring the spiritual, psychological, physical, emotional, financial growth and development of all Gods children, within and outside our parish through empowering programmes and activities aimed at improving and bettering the lives of people.

This is a community that is intentional and takes seriously their personal and communal growth. Thus attending programmes such as companions, alpha etc. is seen as a necessity and vital part personal and communal growth.


St Paul writing to the Corinthian church using the model of the body parts elucidates the point that the members of the church are part of one body of Christ and thus no member could choose not be belong since we are inherently connected to one another. Thus he accounts that even if any part of the body could choose not to belong to the body it is nevertheless part of the body. He makes an example using the eye, head, ear, hand, nose etc.(12 vs. 12-26)

In essence we are called to recognising that we are all members of one family, one body of Christ, and one community. Thus we are to work hard in instilling the values of community and inter-dependence among our members and the entire human race.

The point is we belong together and thus cannot choose family we were bound together in heaven. Your joy is my joy and your pain is my pain. Thus there should be no loneliness in our faith community. Thus no one should suffer alone when blessed with so many brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers.

We need to be intentional about knowing members of our family and thus should take the monthly fellowship teas and other initiatives very seriously by ensuring our regular attendance. We also need to be proactive in introducing ourselves to those we have not met and are seating next to us on Sundays.


Christs Disciples

St Paul writing to the Romans accounts that we have different gifts given according to the grace to us being prophecy, teaching, exhortation, , ministry, giving, and leading (12 vs. 6-8). Furthermore, writing to the Corinthians he accounts that through the manifestation of the spirit gifts are given to each one for the common good. Thus there are a variety of gifts being healing, working miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues and other various kinds (12 vs. 8-10).

In essence each one of us here today has a unique gift entrusted to you by God for the common good of this community. Through using your gift and talent one contributes in the building and growing of Gods kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

We are to recognise that each one of us is here on earth because God wants to achieve something special through you. Thus serving in the church and in the world is not for us as children of God an optional extra but a primary function. We are called to mission and ministry. Mission is acts of love done outside the church in our communities while ministry is our acts of love done within the church community.

We are called therefore to taking seriously our individual and collective Christian responsibilities and obligations within the church and society.

Our Mission


To build an empowering and sustainable Christian church


For the above vision to become a reality we commit ourselves to:


Build an empowering

The empowerment of all Gods people with knowledge and experiences that are aimed at the transformation of lives.



The creation of sufficient wealth, skills and people resources including the intentional investment on the growth of our children and youth.

Christian church


Become a community that not only confesses but live out their faith daily.




I pray that this vision may become a living reality in our church community and the wider Midrand community through our dedication and commitment expressed through our lifestyles and actions grounded on Gods love.