Giving & Stewartship

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ

As s community of faith, and as our vision and mission statement emphasizes that we intend to grow St Monnicas to serve as a spiritual home for all in Midrand and the greater community, we each have a responsibility to spread the good news of Christs salvation to all. The various ministries at St Monnicas work collectively and in their own fashion, to accomplish this mandate.


Whether helping to feed the homeless, praising the Lord in prayer and worship, visiting the sick or ministering to visitors through our musical gifts, St Monnicas seeks to serve God in all persons.


Keeping the various missions and ministries alive and thriving through the respective portfolios, is only possible through the support of generous givers, which are those who give cheerfully of their time, skills and financial resources. Thanks to their commitment, St Monnicas can fulfill our call to be a witness for Gods love and to continue our heritage of vibrant and exciting worship, evangelism, outreach and outrageous hospitality.


There are two ways in which one could support and/or make a significant contribution in growing the mission and ministry within our church being:


 A) Financially


Through Tithes, Dedicated Giving, Free Will Gifts, Special Purposes Gifts, Planned Giving Gifts, and Memorial and Honor Gifts


B) Time and Talent


Through using your gifts and talents by serving on at least one of the various structures or committees; being a choir member etc. within the parish.




Tithes / Dedicated Giving


Making and fulfilling an annual pledge of financial support is among the most essential commitments members of St Monnicas can make. Every amount of PLEDGED INCOME, as a Tithe / DG, as part of a weekly collection (FREE WILL GIVING) or as a donation for SPECIAL PURPOSES (security upgrade, maintenance needs, new building ventures, clergy care etc.) is a vital part of our fiscal well being and annual budget, allowing our church to offer its ministries and service to our members and the wider community. In Malachi 3:8-10, God instructs us not to rob Him of the tithes and offerings, but to bring them to the storehouse, so that there will be enough food in the Temple. In Genesis 14:18-20, Abram gave the priest, Melchizedek, a tenth of all the goods he had recovered in the battle with Kedorlaomers army.


Once again you are invited to make a meaningful monetary gift to St Monnicas in a form of a monthly, quarterly or annual tithe, in support of our growing and vital ministries planned for 2009 and beyond. I am asking you to be intentional in prayer and then to make a pledge that is sufficiently expressive of your gratitude for Gods blessings in your life-spiritual and material. I believe a generous and increased pledge from you at this exciting juncture in our common life will be of tremendous practical importance in helping us reach out in more powerful ways to the people Jesus came to bless, both within and outside our parish.


A Bible verse that continually arises in my discernment over Gods plans for our parish is from Ephesians 3:20 Glory to God, whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. If this promise is true, what blessings await us! I do believe in this promise and ask that, with me, you consider incarnating your own trust with a daring pledge to the church for 2009 and beyond. May the Holy Spirit push us past limitations in our giving and may previously unimagined blessings be the fruit of our generosity.




Because we are stewards of Gods bounty and the recipients of the efforts of our predecessors, we have an obligation to think of those who will come after us. How we pass our financial and our spiritual legacy on to the future is PLANNED GIVING. Leviticus 27 relates Gods instructions on how planned giving or gifts should be dedicated and how priests should handle these gifts. Proverbs 3:9 instructs us to honor the Lord with wealth and with the best part of everything our land/career/business produces.


People can still support our missions and ministries by including the Church in their wills, charitable giving, trusts/plans, annuities, bequests and through other financial planning. Beyond strengthening our financial well-being, planned gifts are also important in our Churchs Capital needs for maintaining and improving our building, the organ and other assets.


You are encouraged to name your congregation, St Monnicas, for your planned gift. Planned gifts are then placed into the Endowment Fund of the church, much like a savings account. The endowment has a governing board and rules of operation. Annually it disperses proceeds from the endowment to programs and activities in accordance with its rules and donors designations.




Throughout the years many persons have been remembered at St Monnicas by gifts made in their honor or memory. Memorial and honor gifts to the Church have contributed to things raging from Pules, Organ, Chasubles etc. The Executive Council will be pleased to discuss honor or memorial giving opportunities with you.



B. Giving of Time, Gifts and Talent/Stewardship


In addition and not in replacement to giving through the financial resources God requires us to give through our time, gifts and talents for the furtherance of Gods Mission and Ministry. Thus St Matthew says to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability (25 vs. 15). We have all received special gifts and talents according to our abilities through which God desires that we build Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven within this church of St Monnicas and the entire community. Each one of us has a responsibility and obligation to fulfill their ministry through our talents, and failure by some to do so cripple's the bodys productivity. Thus, St Paul says in Rom 12 vs. 4-8 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ, we who are many, form one body and each member belongs to all the others


God is not asking us for the impossible but asking us to serve him through our respective career expertise and abilities i.e. through what you are good at. There are various ways or means through which one could offer their gifts and talents within the parish being:


  • Become a member of a specific Ministry Committee (i.e. Portfolio);
  • Become a member of a Specific Ministry Sub-Committee or (Portfolio Sub);
  • Serve on a Parish Council (Pre-requisite is Portfolio/Ministry Membership of six months prior to nomination);
  • Serve as Parish Warden (i.e. Council Executive);
  • Serve on a Specific Ministry as Reader, Greeter, Flower Arranging; Maintenance, Choir, Youth, Servers, Parish Minister, Pastoral Care Team etc;
  • Join various fellowship groups such as AWF, Mens, Young Women, Golf etc;
  • Join a Spiritual Formation or Bible Study Group e.g. Companions in Christ etc.


Below is an outline of various Parish Council Portfolio Ministries through which your gifts and talents could be of great value to the glory of God:


Life Enrichment & Education Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry

Worship Ministry

Youth Ministry

Childrens Ministry

Communications & Marketing Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Hospitality & Fellowship Ministry

Building & Maintenance Ministry

Finance & Stewardship Ministry


Kindly complete the attached form should you feel God calling you to a specific ministry and the ministry leader will contact you soon.

The contact details for various ministry co-coordinators for more information are available at the notice board or in the parish office: 011 805-5201 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Following the example of the Macedonian Churches whom during a severe ordeal of affliction and extreme poverty, their joy overflew in a wealth of generosity as they voluntarily gave according to their means and beyond (2 Corinthians 8 vs. 1-2)


I therefore invite all of you to prayerfully reflect on your financial gifts being Tithe/DG; Planned Giving, Memorial Honor, Special Purposes, and Free Will (Collection) for 2009 and beyond, with hearts and minds filled with gratitude  for all that God has done and continues to do in our individual and communal lives. Furthermore, that you reflect on how and where within the church your talent and skills could be of great benefit for the growth of Gods church.


May the good Lord continually shower you with endless Blessings.

Joy and Peace  


Reflection Prayers


Yours, Lord, is the greatness, the power,

the glory, the splendour, and the majesty;

for everything in heaven

and on earth is yours.

All things come from you,

and of your own do we give you. Amen




Source of all life,

the heaven and earth are yours,

yet you have given us dominion over all things.

Receive the fruits of our labour offered in love;

in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.






By Adrian Robson


Why do we Tithe?

We Tithe mainly for three reasons:

·         Because the scriptures teach us to do so in response or gratitude for Gods love. Visible through the blessings bestowed upon us.

·         The Church needs it to carry out Gods Mission and Ministry. Without the Tithes from Parishioners, St Monnicas will not be in a position to carry out its Ministries and as such would not exist

·         The money obtained through Tithes is used to carry out the Management and Maintenance of the Church


Who should Tithe?

·         Every individual who has been confirmed or from the age of 16yrs upward who is a member of the parish should tithe.

·         Others prefer to tithe as a couple, which is acceptable provided the joint offering reflects the gifts of two people and not one.


How much should one Tithe?

Planning of our Tithe towards Gods Ministry is important and should not be done impulsively or reluctantly. 2 Corinthians 9:7 reads: Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.


Each member is requested to contribute a minimum of 10% of our earnings on a regular basis as Deuteronomy 14:22 reminds us to set aside a tenth of all your fields produce each year. God is the giver of all things; and that what we give back to God is only a small portion of what He has given to us.


How do I Tithe?

Dedicated Giving Sunday at St Monnicas takes place in November. During Dedicated Giving Sunday, parishioners pledge and commit their financial support to the Church and to God in the form of a Tithe. Parishioners complete the tithing form and submit it by placing on collection plate or to the Parish office to allow the Administrator to issue tithing envelopes which members use to give their contributions.


The Tithing process is quite simple:

STEP 1 Become a member of the St Monnicas Parish

STEP 2 Complete the Tithing Form

STEP 3 Collect Tithing Envelopes

STEP 4 Tithe Monthly / Quarterly / Annually


What payment methods are available?




Should you wish to use our envelope process to Tithe, simply place your Tithe in the Tithing envelope supplied to you with your membership number, complete the information required on the face of the envelope and place the envelope in the collection bag during the next service.


Internet Banking / EFT


Should you wish to Tithe using EFT, simply use the word Tithe and your membership numbers a reference for the transaction and our Finance Ministry will allocate your Tithe to your membership account. If you do not know your membership number, please contact the Administrator to advise you of your number. Send confirmation to the office.


Example Joe Barber has a membership number of 123 and wishes to pay R1, 000 per month via EFT as his Tithe. Joe must create St Monnicas Church as a beneficiary on his internet banking with the reference Tithe 123 and submit the payment as a recurring monthly payment.


Banking Details


Bank : Standard Bank

Branch : Midrand

Code : 001155

Account No : 201143526

Account Name :  St Monicas Church.