The function of the Children's Ministry of St Monica's is to assist the church to grow the ministry of children by specifically teaching them a curriculum that is designed to help them understand the mysteries of God's Word. In so doing the teachers endeavour to encourage, nurture and grow the children's faith.

Activities of this Ministry includes the following:

1. Sunday school lessons following the Catechist of the Good Shepherd amongst other teachings. We also teach them the basics of what communion is and how they should respond so that they can be admitted to communion and feel part of the larger church. Other improvements to the curriculum are being considered including companions for children and VBS programme during school holidays.

a. Continuous training of Sunday school teachers so that we create a pool of teachers who are empowered and equipped to teach every Sunday


2. Encourage parents to be involved in the spiritual growth of their children.

a. Encourage parents' participation in the activities of the children by the registration process and rewarding the children for good attendance for example.

3. Ensure children have an environment in which to learn that is conducive to spiritual growth

a. Building a children's centre

b. Exploring the possibility of establishing a pre-school facility and thereby building a school based on Christian values and principles for the Midrand community.

c. Ensuring the children can relax, play and have fun safely after Sunday school and during other church functions.

4. Establishing a nursery for young children. Appoint childminders.


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