Men's Forum / Bernard Mizeki

The Men’s Forum enables men:

  • enables men to be part of a loving, vibrant and holistically growing community of Christ‘s disciples

  • enable men to contribute to building an empowering church and also to contribute to making the church sustainable


Membership is open to all adult males.


The ministry focuses on the following:

  • Relationships

  • Marriage

  • Pre-marital relationships

  • Support by peers

  • Keeping the connection with children from previous relationships



  • Youth Mentoring

  • Boy child mentorship (socialization and culture)

  • Supporting single parents


Adapting to societal changes

  • Changing gender patterns

  • Respecting role of women

  • Dealing with gender and domestic violence

  • Rediscovering men’s role in our times (hunter-gatherer)


Sharing Resources and Talents

  • Financial

  • Networking

  • Capacity building

  • Career mentorship

  • Life mentorship


Men’s Health

  • Impact on sexuality

  • Living a healthy lifestyle

  • Communication



  • Social touch points

  • Deepening relationships amongst each other - my brother’s keeper

  • Fun touch points


Spiritual Formation

  • Sustained spiritual growth

  • Bible study for men

  • Religion and culture


  • Facebook
  • YouTube


+27 11 805 5201


73 5th Road, Halfway Gardens


2198 South Africa

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