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Christmas is coming!

Dear Saints,

This will be the last Messenger for this Calendar year. We are moving towards Christmas at an amazing pace, at least from my perspective. Our Summer Vacation Programme has come and gone. The children had a great time exploring their talents, likes and dislikes and forming meaningful and lasting relationships with each other.

During the Christmas season we celebrate the small everyday seemingly ordinary events, which take place in ordinary places amongst ordinary people and which give birth to the unfolding of global transforming events. Our central example of these types of events is the birth of a boy in a most ordinary place in a very small country in the Middle East, Bethlehem in Israel. We are celebrating a God that is not far off. We are celebrating a God who enters physically and miraculously into the finite reality of human beings.

We are growing in our knowledge during this Advent time of actively waiting and preparing for the birthing of an active consciousness of the great enterprise that we are participating in bringing forth, the Kingdom of God, which has come, which is in or midst and which is being perfected in and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mary a teenage mother gave birth to a child which is the perfect image of our creator God, who dwelt amongst us and who is still in our midst, pointing the way to the future and living the future in and through us.

This is partly what we have been waiting for. We are building on this by faithfully engaging with the Word of God, inwardly digesting it and obediently doing what we are called to do.

In the year ahead we tap onto a clear 20/20 vision and consciousness which changes our paradigm from a realm that destroys humanity’s creative and life generating nature to one that nurtures and gives expression to our creative and life giving nature.

The Good News proclaimed during the Season of Christmas is that we are not alone in this. We are being empowered by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We need not fear our future if we as the corporate body of Christ, the Church fulfil our task of being living and faithful witnesses to the Love of God which has been spread abroad in and through us.

Let us therefore make good of the reminder we are presented with this Christmas

season. Let us be the change we want to see, inspiring the hope that we are changing South Africa from a destination of death for women, children and the vulnerable in general. to a destination of an abundant life in a safe space for women, children and the vulnerable.

Let our active waiting give birth and growth to a 20/20 vision which inspires transformed and healthy human conditions and realities.

Yours in Christ as always,

Revd Jacque

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