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Starting the New year with a Biblical Bang!

Dear Saints,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

Our vision prayer which is part of the Pew leaflet every week says the following:

"Creator God, help us through your Spirit to become a loving, vibrant, holistically growing community of Christ’s disciples; and to build an empowering and sustainable Christian church, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

It is our intention this year to evaluate ourselves in the light of this vision which we developed in 2010. Did we achieve what we hoped for? Are there still some outstanding goals we need to work on as a matter of urgency? Is our vision in line with the needs of the parish, our community and the Church as a whole?

Generally January is a challenging time of the year for most of us, especially for families with school going children. After the holidays we are confronted with all the issues that come with “Back to School”. We are grateful for those who are moving to a new stage in their lives and we continue to pray for those who have to repeat the year. Whatever situation you find yourself, may 2020 be a year which leads you closer to reaching your goals.

For our country and the rest of Southern Africa; may we become active citizens, building vibrant and life-giving communities in our respective provinces and countries. May 2020 be a turning point in how we look at ourselves and how we take responsibility for our lived situations. We are the only ones who can change our realities as communities. No super-power can do it for us. We have been given the ability by God to live healthy lives and to create vibrant societies.

For the Church, may we live what we say we are. We proclaim that through Jesus Christ our Lord, we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, the bringers of Good news of salvation. Let us do this!

Those participating in the Bible Challenge have started 2020 running. From the first Sunday of the year there is a biblical vibe in the congregation. It is heartening to hear members of the congregation engaging each other on the parts of the Bible that they are reading for the first time. To date nearly 120 people have registered and are participating in the Challenge. May God open our minds, ears and hearts as we are confronted with the Word of God in this specific way.

The Season after the Epiphany is one that reminds us that Jesus the Christ came to be the Saviour of the whole world and is the saviour of the world. It reminds us that our task as Christians is to be part of completing this task with him. Let us do it together!

Yours in Christ as always,

Revd Jacque

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