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Wholeness and Wellness

Dear Saints,

We are entering a very active month. The first two weeks of the month is dedicated to

children and young people. The 6th of October is Baptism, 12 October Confirmation

and the 13th October we are having a children’s service in which we welcome the

newly confirmed, admit children to Communion and licence new Sunday School

teachers. The second part of the month we concentrate on wholeness and wellness. A

healing service on the 19th of October, the Ithemba Cancer walk on the 20th of

October and the Wellness Day on the 27th of October. So prepare yourself to see God

at work in each one of us and in our community as a whole.

The Anglican liturgy reminds us of Jesus’ words on a regular basis as; “You shall love

the Lord your God with all your heart with all your mind and all your soul and your

neighbour as yourself.” This in essence is the foundation of having a full and fruitful


I would imagine therefore that part of loving yourself is to have an awareness of your

own needs and wants at a body, mind and spirit level. Our Scriptures witness to the

fact that people in their encounter with Jesus experience changes for the good of their

bodies, minds and souls and we then see that people manifest physical wholeness

through these encounters. Through the ages human beings have been gifted with

knowledge and skills which facilitate healing in areas of our physical and inner

beings, which adds value to our sense of wholeness as individuals.

As a parish our concern for the wholeness of each person in our community has seen

the institution of a wellness day in our annual calendar.

On this day we gather as much of the medical expertise we can and offer our

congregants an opportunity to have a better understanding of the state of health

of our bodies and minds. In this way we as individuals would be able to make

more informed choices in our daily living and general lifestyle, which would

enhance rather than diminish our wholeness as persons. Our Wellness team will

continue this conversation with you in the coming weeks.

Let us respond positively to Jesus’ invitation of life in his words “I came that you

may have life and life in it’s fullest sense” by transforming ourselves into

wholeness by renewing our understanding of ourselves through the knowledge

revealed to us through our active participation in the Wellness Day.

Programme October 2019:

Sunday 6th October: Baptism

Sunday 13th October: Children Service/ Admission to Holy Communion

Saturday 19th October: Healing Service

Sunday 20th October: Ithemba Cancer Walk

Saturday 26th October: Parish Planning Day

Sunday 27th October: Wellness Day

Yours in Christ as always,

Revd Jacque

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