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Women’s Month 2019: Celebrating Women and doing good

Dear Saints,

This Saturday 17th August @ 13h00, in the middle of Women’s Month, the women ministries at St Monnica’s are hosting a High Tea. The idea is to give participants a sense of well-being, a feel good moment while reaching out to those who need it most.

The event is targeting all our feel good senses:

Our eyes will be bombarded with beautiful things, people and food. Our sense of hearing will be caressed by a DJ with contemporary music and an artist with classical music (opera). The fashion show will tend to several of our feel good senses. Our intellect and emotions will be stimulated by eloquent and challenging speakers. Our sense of touch will be delighted by people showcasing their goods for sale. Our sense of taste will be tantalized with tasty treats and finger foods.

All in all we will be creating a moment of well-being and fellowship among women as they reflect on their place in the world, as they envision a society where there is no violence, no poverty and no injustice. A place where there is justice, peace and equity.

While we will be doing this, our minds will also be focused on the beneficiaries for creating this positive experience for women. We are creating this moment so that we can raise funds for the well being of children who have been dealt a negative, violent and dis-empowering blow by life and society. Children who have been orphaned or rescued from dangerous and violent situations. Children who have been abused and abandoned. We are raising funds for one of the children’s homes which are part of COACH (Coalition of Anglican Children’s


COACH comprises an amalgamation of three children’s homes in our Diocese, namely, St George’s Home, St Nicolas Home and St Joseph’s Home.

The Children’s Homes have over 100 years of experience in providing residential

and therapeutic care and support to children who have been placed in their care

by the Children’s Court.

COACH helps children to take the next step. The organisation makes a positive difference in the lives of children by providing them with a loving home, emotional support, skills development, sport and recreational activities. This is an Anglican institution and needs our support. The Mothers’ Union is spearheading this outreach programme on our behalf.

So I would encourage all of you to come and spoil yourselves and your friends while good is being done on your behalf! I also want to encourage the brothers in our congregation to find a way of making a contribution to this very beautiful gesture.

We are reminding ourselves through this event and as we reflect of the words of

St James that “faith without good works is dead”.

Let us be alive in feeling good and doing good!

Yours as always,

Revd Jacque

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