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St Monnica's Tree

St Monnica, the Tree

On Thursday afternoons at 14:00 a group of us meet for Eucharist, then refreshments and fellowship. These days we’ve been walking in and about the church buildings and surroundings admiring the impressive renovations by the Church Wardens and Council, as well as appreciating the commendable work by our gardener, Bhut Edward.

Last Thursday, our little excursion paused at a tree, a beautiful tree in full blossom with white and purple flowers. This is the tree on the left as one approaches the church door from the car-parking area. Our group admired the beauty and utter perfection of the tree and wondered what the tree was called. On inquiring, Bhut Edward did not know its name, either. What he knew was that the tree had been transplanted from the old St Monnica’s gardens at Halfway House those many years ago. He knew also that the tree tended to drop its seeds to the ground from which seedlings emerge; and these he showed to us.

The Thursday Group proudly embrace the tree and are happy to own it and to re-name it St Monnica. With Bhut Edward’s assistance, we wish to pot up the seedlings and transplant them in the gardens of fellow-congregants, thereby spreading St Monnica throughout Midrand and elsewhere! In return, we request you to contribute as generously as you can to the improvement and sustainability of our church; all this to honour God, our Father.

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