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The objectives for our parish are:

The vision for St Monnica’s is to be a loving, vibrant, holistically growing community of Christ’s disciples.

Everything we plan and do in this parish is to move us towards realising this vision.

Our mission is to build an empowering and sustainable Christian church.

We can realise this loving and vibrant growing community if the activities and worship of the church is empowering and the response from members ensures that the Church is able to sustain itself and grow the its footprint in Midrand.

At a strategic session in 2010 the parish listed a number of objectives that it wanted to achieve in line with its vision and through its mission. These objectives were reviewed in 2015, and have been applicable since. 

To promote a lifelong spiritual formation of God’s people so as to impact their lifestyles

To build a vibrant Christian community joyously excited about serving God

To focus on the practice of the ministry of all believers who share their God given gifts and talents

Growing the ministry of children

Growing the ministry of young people

Intentionally engaging on focused outreach ministry, taking into account the socio-economic and cultural diversity of the Midrand community

Vigorously raising visionary servant leaders whose example of Christ-like character empowers others

To build administrative capability

Promoting good stewardship


Committed to Instilling Faith in All Congregants



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