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Wellness Program

"In commemoration of St. Luke's Day (patron saint of physicians), St Monnica's will be hosting the following activities in October:


Saturday 19 October

Healing Service @ 4pm on Saturday

Sunday 20 October

iThemba Walk

Sunday 27 October

Wellness Day with the following offering

Blood donation

Massages - Head & shoulder

Psychological screening

Health Screening Services:

Blood Pressure, glucose, cholesterol,

weight, height, abdominal

circumference, BMI and Keystone

visual screening

Dietary counselling

Physiotherapy station & awareness on back care

Personal Trainer

Virtual Reality (VR) station - as part of stress management

Information Sessions -Talks

  • SLE - from patient perspective

  • Gender-based violence

  • Menopause

All are invited to participate in these activities, as it is an opportunity to assess our state of health and to empower ourselves with knowledge."

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