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The vision of this ministry is to create meaningful worship that is to the glory of God and the edification of the congregation.


Worship services are aimed at enhancing spiritual formation and growth through:

  • creating a loving, welcoming, hospitable family of God embracing for all who attend services

  • assisting in the liturgy by leading worship through music and song

  • building a strong community of faith within the Church;

  • helping to stimulate, develop and maintain the interest of the St Monnica’s Congregation and the broader Anglican Communion in the Anglican musical traditions.

The Worship ministry comprises of the following sub-ministries:

  • Lay Ministers

  • Servers

  • Choir

  • Sacristans

  • Sidespersons

Sub-Ministry Leads


Pearl Mbimba

Coordinator - Lay Ministers


Keitumetse Moorosi

Lead Server

George Mxadana.jpeg

George Mxadana

Choir Director


Amanda MacDonald

Coordinator - Sacristans

Ellen Mahlangu2.jpg

Ellen Mahlangu

Coordinator - Sidespersons

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