Church Ministries

Welcome to the Ministries page, where vibrant opportunities await for you to engage, serve, and grow within our church community. At St. Monnica, we believe in the power of collective action and the strength found in diverse talents and passions. Explore the array of ministries available, each offering a unique avenue for spiritual enrichment, fellowship, and meaningful contributions. Whether you’re drawn to outreach, music, education, or pastoral care, there’s a place for you to connect, share, and make a difference. Join us in fostering a culture of service and love as we journey together in faith.

Mother’s Union

A ministry especially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

Anglican Women’s Fellowship

Focusing its work on its objectives of Prayer and Worship, Fellowship and Study, Mission and Witness, and Service and Stewardship.

Bernard Mizeki Men’s Guild

Aimed at promoting and encouraging the participation and nurturing of men’s leadership and boys’ life in the Church.


Whose objective is to build and guide the leaders of the future to build a sustainable church.

Men’s Fellowship

Aims to strengthen, encourage, and build up the men of the church to be all God has called them to be through the study of God’s Word, fellowship, and prayer, contributing towards building an empowering and sustainable

Young Woman’s Fellowship

A vibrant, supportive, and inclusive community of resilient and empowered young women anchored in Christ.

Life Education & Enrichment

Provides, equips, and supports parishioners with Godly, Anglican-approved programs to enhance personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, health and wellness, and social and emotional support.


A ministry committed to improving the lives of the Midrand community
especially those experiencing adversity and social challenges.


Aimed at creating meaningful worship to the glory of God and edification
of the congregation. This ministry consists of the Choir, Servers, Sacristans, and Parish Ministers.

Children’s ministry

Children’s Ministry – teaches, guides, and empowers the children through the Word
of God and helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ

Building and Maintenance 

Ensuring the regular maintenance and upkeep of the

Finance and Stewardship

ensures the management, coordination, and reporting of all church financial transactions, thereby encouraging stewardship.

Marketing and Communications

Responsible for implementing the marketing and communication initiatives of the church.


Your contributions are integral to the sustenance of our ministry, enabling impactful community outreach and enriching worship experiences. Let us unite in our commitment to making a meaningful difference through dedicated generosity and steadfast faith.

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Ensuring the regular maintenance and upkeep of the premises as well as all Church Buildings.


Ensures the management, coordination, and reporting of all church financial transactions, thereby encouraging stewardship.


The Hospitality Committee is a vital part of the church’s ministry, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.